A Long Time In the Making...

Actually, more like a long time in the waiting.  I was cleaning out my freezer, when I came across random components of "incomplete desserts."  Among the items were a Lychee Mousse and Rhubarb Consomme.  I threw the two together with a few pieces of fresh Lychee.  

Lychee Mousse and Rhubarb Consomme [01.30.2011]

Sometimes I just want to take pictures and I'm not in the mood to do any baking - this was was the perfect opportunity!  The lychee flavor went very well with the tartness of the rhubarb.  I also love the color of rhubarb - it is so vibrant and I love the way it makes this picture pop.  

Here are some older rhubarb pictures that I've never shared....please enjoy.

Rhubarb [07.10.2010]

Rhubarb Consomme w/ Meringue Sticks [07.22.2010]